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The Canada Goose close up of the neck and head

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July 15 - 21, 2024

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©2024 Kathy Romard

Morning Dew Sparkle
Meadow field glitters from a million drops of Dew as it is touched by the sun.


©2024 Ken Oliver

Canada Day free concert with the tribute band for the Tragically Hip called Road Apples at Del Crary Park. They put on a very good show and was glad I was able to attend


©2024 Kawartha Kaptures Photography

This is a photo of a Great Blue Heron being harassed by a Red Winged Blackbird


©2024 Kawartha Kaptures Photography

This is a photo of a sweet fox kit that lives in my neighborhood. I had the good fortune of watching her and her siblings play one afternoon. They were certainly curious about the human watching them!


©2024 Kathy Romard

Poppy petal

Rainy Days make Raindrops on Petals.


©2024 Phil McMullen

Less than a week old, cygnets out for a morning swim with mom.


©2024 Jim Babbage

New wheat field, early morning on County Road 2 outside of Keene.


©2024 Jill Moulton

Common Loon, on Lake Kashagawigimog, Minden Hills


©2024 Kathy Romard

Gorgeous tulips blooming in the "Ennismore Secret Garden"


©2024 Kathy Romard

The new lamp posts along the James Gifford Causeway have been lit.  An early predawn photo to capture the lights.
"Ghosting Traffic Lights"


©2024 Ken Oliver

This beautiful female Wood Duck was hanging out beside the pond at Jackson Park along with other females. Unfortunately the male was not around, but the females were not camera shy.


©2024 Ken Oliver

Canada Day fireworks at Del-Crary Park after the Road Apples Concert. A great show was put on and drew a very large crowd.


©2024 Phil McMullen

Female cardinal having a peek.


©2024 Lance Chennault Photography

This beautiful Grey Heron came in for a landing and I got the photo I wanted, the wings outstretched to show the intricacies of the feather layers and the beautiful pose. I love these birds.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This absolute handsome Hawfinch (Kernbeißer) loves our bird buffet and sitting on the perches, posing for his daily portrait. He is absolutely a handsome bird and I love his colors.


©2024 Kathy Romard

The Apple Blossom is a direct Invitation to a Bumblebee with it huge brilliant white petals and heady sweet scent.  This Bumblebee is completely lost within a bloom.


©2024 Kathy Romard

Lakefield Marsh. Blue Heron getting ready for lunch.  Watched him stand and slowly lower down to this pose, staying still and then strike.  Caught himself (or herself) a Sunfish.....beautiful 10 minutes of quiet time listening and watching Nature do her thing.


©2024 Lance Chennault

Red Squirrel having a moment with an European Hornet while moving to the Buffet line.


©2024 Jill Moulton

Seen my first butterfly of ‘24. Red Admiral Butterfly


©2024 Lance Chennault

This impressive Hawfinch (Kernbeißer) looks so impressive against the muted foilaged background. That beak, that head looks so big compared to its body that it is almost comical.


©2024 Kathy Romard

A chance encounter with this beautiful,  silent creature, with the longest legs carrying it with grace and ease.  This is a young yearling cow, still shedding her winter coat.  She followed me back to my trailer, after I spotted her in the meadow in the Gooderham, Ontario area.

Young Cow Moose

©2024 Kathy Romard

So looking out my trailer window I was delighted to see this yearling cow (I believe) outside my meadow trailer, located near Gooderham, Ontario

Photo 6 - Red Squirrel and European Hornet.jpg

©2024 Lance Chennault Photography

The Interaction....This beautiful Red Squirrel and the European Hornet during a brief (and non-violent) interaction.


©2024 Kawartha Kaptures Photography

This is a photo of papa loon as mama sits on the eggs nearby.


©2024 Kathy Romard

Stormy Days of June 2024
The heavy sky at the end of a storm is showed off by distance sunglow,  over the farm fields.


©2024 Lance Chennault

Trying to visualize the weekend like this amazing Red Squirrel.

Have an amazing weekend my friends, stay safe and I wish you peace and relaxation as wonderful as this Red Squirrel appears to be.


©2024 Jill Moulton

Cute Red Squirrel with it's bushy tail snacking on some lunch


©2024 Jill Moulton

Ruby throated Hummingbird


Welcome to our Garden little beautiful Gartenrotschschwanz (Common Redstart). This little beauty is our 27th different species of birds to have graced our garden so far.

European Robin

©2024 Lance Chennault

This beautiful European Robin (Rotkehlchen) just lookin all pretty up in the tree. Love the colors of this beautiful little bird.

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