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©2024 Lance Chennault

It was a blustery and raining day for this beautiful Male Gimbel (Bullfinch) here in Germany. It was waiting patiently for his wife (who was in the bird buffet restaurant). I love the wind through the feathers...such a cute photo (in my opinion).


©2024 Lance Chennault

This very alert Nuthatch, or here in Germany, Kleiber, was looking for something. Peering out from the Buffet restaurant in our garden, it froze like this, allowing me to grab a photo of its beauty. That eye...I am so in awe.


©2024 Jill Moulton

A bumblebee flying in to land on a flower.


©2024 Jill Moulton

Mourning Dove. Such a gentle bird. and a very fast flyer.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This cute White Faced Owl didn't seem to enjoy all the attention it was getting at the Wildpark in Bad Marienberg. I do love this little owl's grumpy look and piercing stare. This bird is mainly found in Africa and is very tiny, between 8 and 11 inches long and weighing in well under 1 pound.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This beautiful little Kleiber (Nuthatch) braved the cold and the snow that we got and was waiting its turn for the Bird Buffet we have in our garden. I absolutely love these little skittish birds. So aerodynamic, fast, and colorful.


©2024 Jill Moulton

Water Lily flower in bloom at Ingoldsby / Minden area


©2024 Jill Moulton

A perfect Summer day on Lake Kashagawigimog.


Here is one of our Common Chaffinch. With the early snow in December, it made for a great backdrop amongst its vibrant plumage.

Moccasin Trail 36.jpg

©2023 Paul M. Lombardi

American Kestrel coming in hot for a landing.

Cedar Waxwing

©2023 Jill Moulton

The first time seeing a Cedar Waxwing in Ingoldsby/Minden area. I was thrilled to see one and to have the chance to capture it with my camera.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This gorgeous Blaumeise was walking the pine branches. I love the complimenting colors of this photo. I just love these little feathered friends of ours who have graced our garden.


©2024 Jill Moulton

A close up captured of a beautiful Blue Jay in the snow.


©2024 Randy Hunter

This amazing sunset was captured from Lighthouse Hill , overlooking the Sea of Cortez,  at Mazatlán Mexico.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This beautiful Blaumeise (Bluetit) was just hanging out in the trees during a recent cold spell and the contrast of its beautiful yellow chest against the blue tint of the background was mesmerizing. I love these little beautiful birds. Photographed in Daaden, Germany


A brand new bird species to our garden here in Germany. A European Treecreeper. This little cutie found its way to our garden and looks like a cross between a very little woodpecker (with its elongated beak) and a Nuthatch.


©2023 Jill Moulton

One of my favourite birds, the Ruby throated Hummingbird. Captured this image as it was approaching the feeder. in the Summer of 2023


©2023 Jill Moulton

One of my favourite birds. the Common loon on Lake Kashagawigimog.


©2024 Lance Chennault

A Female Great Spotted Woodpecker in the rain at our Bird Buffet. I love the eye as you can see the house in its reflection.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This beautiful Seagull was soaring above the inlet at Big Beef Creek, near Seabeck Washington back in June 2022. The early morning cast a shadow upon the pine trees in the background, rendering them almost black, thus highlighting this beautiful Seagull.


©2024 Ken Oliver

This beautiful Barred Owl was spotted at Jackson Park. Perched in the tree the bird seemed unconcerned with me taking pictures. These are such majestic creatures.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This beautiful Kohlmeise (Greattit) was sitting up on a branch, against the beautiful blue sky (for once) and the glint of sun in its eye really captures the moment of the afternoon.


©2024 Lance Chennault

This cute Tannenmeise (Coaltit) was just enjoying the day perched upon one of our Pine tree branches. I love the background and the green pine branch which, to me, accentuates the beauty of this little bird.


This cute little Blaumeise (Bluetit) was perched on top of a pine tree we have growing in our garden (orchard part) and with a few snowflakes (the white specks in the photo) falling, it was enjoying the last bit of calm before the storm.


©2024 Lance Chennault

A little something different. This is one of our resident red squirrels that are now just showing back up at the garden. This beauty is carefully calculating its jump up into the bird feeder (orange pole). If you look very carefully in its eye, you can see the reflection of our house.


©2023 Jill Moulton

I was walking along and happened to spot this leaf in the lake.  I captured it just as I saw it. Very unusual to see and beautiful.


©2023 Jill Moulton

The Sunrise was spectacular on Lake Kashagawigimog, this particular morning. The Sun broke through the clouds, and it was beautiful.


©2024 Ken Oliver

A Crimson Columbine Flower almost in full bloom, the first of many that will paint the landscape with patches of crimson red and yellow.  This Columbine plant can frequently be found along the Trans Canada Trail, as was this one.

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